Easily Add New Students

  • 11/20/2014 3:08:00 AM
  • Daniel

We've now made it easier for teachers to add students to the game.

There are two ways that a student can initially join a game:

1.  Join codes. The teacher provides the student a join code in the form of XXXX-0. Notice the 0 on the end, this indicates that it is a generic join code that will create a new account. Once the student uses this code they will be assigned a unique code that will allow the student to rejoin the game.

2.  We now have an option for the teacher to directly create a student account which will generate the student's unique code. The teacher can navigate to the leaderboard page and click on the 'Create Student' button. They add the student name and then click the create button. The leaderboard will refresh and show the join code of the student. This code can then be used to login to the game.

This new option is great for Teachers who run games with a small number of students or teachers that want to help a student join the game.



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