Visual Refresh

  • 11/2/2013 11:43:00 PM
  • Daniel

We have updated the look and feel of SST to tidy up the interface and make things more consistent with our mobile app.

We have moved your main actions to the left of the screen, these are:

  • Trading – This is still the place to view some of the suggestions and categories that we have some stocks under.
  • Portfolio – The place to view the stocks that you own and the transaction history associated with them.
  • Leaderboard – We should each class member and the portfolio value in sorted order.
  • History – If you play games or a game finishes, you can come and view the results here.
  • Help – All of our help content to give you stock trading ideas to implement in your class.


Settings (teacher only) – The main location to set the game parameters like the transaction fees and the start and end dates.

If you have multiple games, you will have a drop down option from the main nav like in this picture:

This lets you quickly and easily jump between games.

We have a search bar at the top right hand side, this will expand out when you click in it and hitting enter will submit your search query:

Overall we think the new refresh makes the site easier to use and makes it a little nicer on the eyes.