New Feature: Giving a Bonus or a Fine

  • 1/19/2014 1:24:00 AM
  • Daniel

We’ve just rolled out a new feature for our paid users that can help teachers reward and penalize students in their student stock market games. If you navigate to the leaderboard screen of your game, you will see a new column called ‘Options’. In each student row is a button ‘Reward / Fine’ like:


Clicking on this button will present a dialog such as:


This dialog will give the option of either ‘Reward’ or ‘Fine’ and an amount. Clicking on the apply button will instantly change the students portfolio available balance. The student balance can’t go below zero so it will be rounded to zero if the amount being deducted is greater than the available balance.

This new feature is a great tool for incorporating into other class activities, for example if a student is being disruptive in class you could issue a fine. Likewise if students are working well and meeting your expectations then you could issue a bonus which they could then use to invest further.