How do join codes work?

  • 8/1/2013 2:08:00 PM
  • Daniel

Student Stock Trader doesn’t store any personal information about students, instead we only ask for a display name: something that the class can recognize. This might be a group name or part of the student’s real name.

Each game has a unique join code which can be found in the game’s settings. This code and the associated share URL can be given to all of the students that you wish to take part in your stock market simulation. Students will use this join code to join the game that you as a teacher have setup. Teachers also have the option of using a join password to prevent access further.

Once a student has joined the game, they will be given a unique code that the player can then use to rejoin the game. This might be on their iPhone or iPad or perhaps another computer. This lets the student pick up where they left off. This unique code can be found under the account section of each user.

These join codes help you as a teacher manage a classroom with out the worry of users creating accounts with passwords and other sensitive personal information.