Edmodo Student Stock Trader

  • 8/15/2013 4:38:00 AM
  • Daniel

By following these quick steps you can quickly have your class students using their iPads or iPhones to play Student Stock Trader inside Edmodo.

1. Look for the mobile code at the top of your screen highlighted in orange. This code will be different for each student:


2. Open Student Stock Trader on the student's iPad or iPhone and select ‘Join a Game’:


3. Enter Mobile Code from step 1 into the code field:



4. If the teacher has setup a join password, enter this value into the password field, this is helpful to prevent students from using the mobile application. The student can enter any display name in to the fields, for Edmodo games this will have no effect as Student Stock Trader will always use the name and profile picture from Edmodo.

5. The application will open into the game on subsequent launches so the student doesn't need to use these steps again.

Student Stock Trader for iPhone