Better visibility on student trading

  • 3/18/2014 12:10:00 AM
  • Daniel

We have just rolled out a new feature that gives teachers more visibility into how students are purchasing and selling stocks. If your logged into Student Stock Trader as a teacher, head over to the leaderboard screen, here you’ll find a new button called ‘Teacher View’.



Clicking on this button will load up a dialog that will show the following information:



  • The currently owned stocks and the number of shares owned.
  • The company overview. If a student sells out of a particular stock, this view will show if they made or lost money on the company.
  • The full transaction list which includes both purchase and sale transactions.


This new view gives teachers a better insight into how their students are progressing and gives you the ability to ask them more targeted questions that can help you gauge their understanding.


Such as:

How much money did you make buying and selling company X?

Why did you buy and sell X during this particular time period, why so frequent?


I hope this helps.